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Chocolate Neutrality; a Switzerland/Belgium Fan Co
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sara [userpic]

Hi guys, I see it's a bit dead around here but hopefully some of you will see this.

I am selling my copy of the Swiss/Bel art anthology, ~We're the Choco-a-Holics!!~. It's in perfect condition as I only opened it a few times, and comes with 3 postcard and 2 bookmark inserts, all still in the original plastic. The whole doujin is 97 pages long.

 photo 89c35d79-1a32-4159-9718-33014c7d2e07_zps2d8e7d86.jpg

More views, including the inserts

I'd like to sell the doujin for $19 plus $4 for US shipping or $6 international. This is negotiable because I really need the money sooner rather than later. :) Please contact me via email at spbritton3@gmail.com. Thanks for looking!

counteract [userpic]

Title: Yellow
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Bel/Swiss, femGer/N.Italy, Japan, past femAustria/Spain, Romano
Warnings: Human AU, genderbend, cyberpunk, Significantly Capitalized Words, part of a series, puns
Summary: In a world where the dead can come back to life via technological advancements, Belle Mertens faces life with a smile and Vash Zwingli is grudgingly in love with his best friend.
Word Count: 5,224
Note: a very belated help_japan fic for glory_of_hera! A little world building turned into a lot of world building, accidentally, so this also belongs in a universe of fics that have yet to be written.

The one place in Schengen where time stood still was in the ARTIST’s district, and that was only because the district was more of a series of fancy warehouses than a real part of the city.

xposted to hetalia

XxKraitxX [userpic]

 O hai, fans!
Here's a piccy I drew for you fans.


chromatic_coma [userpic]

Hi, guys! I can't help but having noticed that, despite the fact that our community now has 45 members, we don't have any posting going on. To try and combat that I've looked at some of the things other pairing fic communities do to get some interest, and I decided that I want to try out a Challenge Cycle. This would mean that every so often, you all would get a word or phrase to use as inspiration for a fan work. First, we need to work out some of the details:

How long will each cycle last?

One month
Three months
Two weeks
We shouldn't have one
Other (comment)

This poll will remain open until Thursday, June 2nd, so please gets your votes in!

Also, what do you guys think of having a header contest? For now our header is a simple thing made from Himaruya's drawing, but if you'd rather it be something else I will open this to all the fanartists in the community; just vote yes or no in your comments~

Thank you all for helping me out!

chromatic_coma [userpic]

As you guys may or may not have already seen, Himaruya-sensei honored the pairing of Switzerland/Belgium with a sketch in his most recent blog update:


Isn't it adorable? I really hope there's a follow up sketch wherein Belgium manages to get those cat ears she's holding on Switzerland's head...

So, what do you guys think of this little nod to our corner of the fandom? aka discussion time!

chromatic_coma [userpic]

Title: 30% Cocoa
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary ; Switzerland/Belgium, implied Austria/Hungary
Rating: PG (T for Switzerland's dirty mouth)
Warning(s): Switzerland's foul language, in one instance.
Summary: Switzerland and Belgium enjoy their periodic chocolatier competitions, but is there more to it than just another squabble? AKA Switzerland has girl problems.

x-posted @ animusia and hetalia

"...you both need to get over yourselves and face your obvious attraction to each other head on instead of constantly having these silly contests to deal with the rampant UST."

chromatic_coma [userpic]

If you would like to affiliate with us, please comment below. We'd love to affiliate with any and all Hetalia communities!


chromatic_coma [userpic]

Welcome, welcome one and all to the Switzerland/Belgium fan community, neutral_choco!

Do you think Switzerland and Belgium would make a cute couple, what with his grumpy shyness and her friendly, outgoing, and slightly devious personality? Do you think their arguments over whose chocolate is better is really just a mask to hide the UST between them? Do you think they can bond over a nice cup of tea at the neutrality tea-party while the rest of Europe dukes it out around them? Did you hear about these two and go, "oh, that just might work?"

Well, then you're in the right place! This community is made for you, the fans of Switzerland/Belgium, to connect with your fellow fans and share your fanart, fanfiction, graphics, FSTs, cosplays, and anything else you think we'd all like seeing. Enjoy yourselves, everyone!

Disclaimer: This community in no way reflects the government policies of the Kingdom of Belgium or the Swiss Confederation. The personalities reflected here are based on the those from the animanga Axis Powers Hetalia, created by Hidekaz Himaruya. No insult is meant to either of these nations, their governments, or their people.

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